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Soft Speed Sticks

Soft Speed Sticks

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The "Soft Speed Sticks" made of durable synthetic leather (FLX PU) with a soft foam core are versatile tools for martial arts training.


  • Made from durable synthetic leather (FLX PU) with a soft foam core to prevent injury.
  • The handle loops provide a secure hold during training.
  • The Soft Speed Sticks are used to practice fast stroke combinations, train hand-eye coordination, and perfect Meid movements.
  • Versatile for MMA, boxing and kickboxing.


  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 55x5 cm
  • Material: EVA Foam, FLX PU
  • Sale in pairs

The "soft speed sticks" are ideal tools to improve your batting techniques, train hand-eye coordination and train movements to evade. They are versatile and are perfect for training in the sports of MMA, boxing and kickboxing.

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