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Signature Battle Rope

Signature Battle Rope

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The ZIVA®Signature Battle Rope, designed in collaboration with legendary strongman John Brookfield, is an elitist functional fitness exercise machine with an undeniably high-quality look and feel. Available in a range of lengths and weights and woven from an ultra-durable PP/nylon blend, the Signature Battle Rope features smooth rubber grips that build users' grip strength and patented wrist loops so they can keep going even after their grip wears off. The Signature Series represents the highest quality and the design to inspire new levels of intensity and passion.


-Var. 1 Signature Battle Rope (5cm x 15.24m) / (2.0" x 50') 16kg

-Var. 2 Signature Battle Rope (3.8cm x 10m) / (1.5"x 33') 10kg

-Var. 3 Signature Battle Rope (3.8cm x 15.24m) / (1.5" x 50') 12kg

-Var. 4 Signature Battle Rope (5.0cm x 10m) / (2.0" x 33') 10.6kg

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