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Floor Mounted Floor Mounted Squat Unit

Floor Mounted Floor Mounted Squat Unit

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The ZIVA® XP2 Floor-Mounted Functional Rack combines the traditional squat bay used for heavy barbell exercises with storage options and adaptability. Made of high-quality commercial steel pipe and sheet, the storage part of this rack includes 4x shelves suitable for dumbbells, kettlebells and functional training equipment, as well as 1x shelf specially made for large wall or core fit balls. Made from the same highly durable commercial materials, the Squat Bay comes with a pair of J-cups and safety arms, and can be expanded with the full range of XP2 accessories for extra storage and/or functional fitness equipment. Pull-up bars span the entire structure, and an included punching bag and suspension point make the XP2 Floor-Mounted Functional Rack a gym hub designed to meet a variety of needs.

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